5+1 Reasons to Visit Astypalea
Sunday, 12 August 2018

5+1 Reasons to Visit Astypalea

1. One of the most picturesque Chora’s in the Aegean

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The Venetian Castle built by Giovanni Querini in 1413 and the traditional windmills standing stoically in a row, make a gorgeous backdrop to your Astypalean holiday pictures, and memory.

Astypalea’s Chora confidently holds a top spot in the Greek islands Chora ranking (if there was such a thing), as not only is a sight to behold but has many sites to discover, such as the ancient infant cemetery at Kylindra area, the Church of Lady Portaitissa and the Ecclesiastical Museum and of course, the traditional windmills.

Start your day tastefully having the award-winning “Grandma’s Breakfast” at Kallichoron Art Boutique Hotel before you’re out an about snapping Instagram worthy material!

2. The endless Aegean blue and the beautiful beaches

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You might say, that any Greek island in the Aegean offers the winning combination of the bluest of sea and a beautiful beach, however Astypalea truly is like no other.

The island has a beach for every taste and type; sandy, pebble, cliff, rock – you name it, with a view to die for, and crystal waters to dip into.

Don’t believe us? Take a small peek on Astypalea, and make sure to request and use Kallichoron’s Art boutique local guide when you visit.

3. Greek “Philoxenia” at its best

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When it comes to friendliness and Greek hospitality, you will hardly experience anything like the Astypalean welcome. The locals are of the kindest and most inviting folk you’re to encounter in your travels.

Accept the Good mornings, and hellos and invitations to share food and drink, as it might also mean the start of great friendships. Kallichoron’s own has a most wonderful story as example.

4. Delicious, fresh produce local cuisine & saffron

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Build an appetite before setting a foot on Astypalea, as the local cuisine is quite something.

Expect the, very well made, Greek classics but make sure you try dishes such as the lobster spaghetti and the local cheese, olives, the best French fries you ever had, stuffed vine leaves, locally made liquors and house wine.

Saffron is also an Astypalean staple – the indulgent spice grows in the island and its colour and particular flavor is found in many dishes and the typical Astypalean ‘kitrinokouloura’.

Delicious, fresh and all locally sourced produce; be prepared to put on a couple of pounds as Astypaleans know and make good food.

Remember to try Frappé: iced coffee made the Greek way. Another summer classic!

5. “Panigyria” - local religious celebrations

Panigiria min

Imagine a joyous, happy gathering of a village and then some! Greek ‘’Panigyria” are truly unique events to witness, plentiful in traditional music, singing and dancing till early morning hours. Often accompanied by delicious food and drink, Astypalea is no different and holds many of such nights, most during summer.

Read about the local festivities, and do ask for additional information if you would like to plan your visit around those times.

6. Kallichoron Art Boutique Hotel


A chance to see the most fascinating sunrise from your bedroom, and the award-winning Astypalean “Grandma’s Breakfast” served in your room based on your selection, each morning.

Be at a stylish, elegant and comfortable environment that follows environmental and social responsible practices, Kallichoron Art Boutique Hotel focuses on offering its guests the most wonderful of stays.

The friendly staff, the relaxing wellness sessions, the tasty breakfast and the best view of the picturesque settlement of Chora makes Kallichoron the final reason to visit Astypalea!

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